Tracey Wright

Tracey has worked in the substance use and social care sector for 12 years in various multi-disciplinary teams across Bedfordshire and knows the importance of clients being at the epicentre of the support they receive from professional organisations.

This work has included preparing people for residential rehab along with accompanying aftercare and helping them traverse the complex difficulties that they face, from health issues, finances, social support and employment.

Tracey has degrees in English Literature and the History of Film and Television, but was drawn to social care after seeing the importance of the charity sector in its role in addressing social injustice. Tracey brings with her a well-grounded understanding of, and deep commitment to, best practice in social care settings, and sees Social Care, Equality and Homelessness Law as the essential foundation of our society’s response to homelessness.

Tracey has lived in Bedford for most of her life and is passionate about addressing the increase in homelessness in recent years.