Threat of homelessness update

From April 3rd 2018, you may* qualify for legal help from your council as a homeless person if you are likely to become homeless in the next 56 days (this is one of the significant improvements that the new homelessness legislation brings).

It is crucial that you approach your local council as soon as possible, as councils will work hard to prevent you becoming homeless if they can, and the more time they have, the more they will be able to do.

Also, and this isn’t new but still important, if you cannot afford your current accommodation and are falling into arrears, don’t wait for the eviction notice, approach your council now (you are already legally homeless if you genuinely cannot afford your rent). This will give councils even longer to help you find a solution.

As a rough example to show how far this help might extend, if you knew you were about to lose your job within 56 days, meaning you knew you would be unable to pay your rent, you could approach the council for help as you would be threatened with homelessness within 56 days. This would give you as much time as possible to arrive at a good plan to sort things out.

The following link is the chapter about homelessness from the Government Guidance (which is as good as legally binding). If you work with people when they’re affected by homelessness we’d strongly recommend you have a look through it here

*There are a few caveats here so always seek qualified legal advice if you’re worried you might become homeless.